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Value Inc is a retail store that sells household items all over the world by bulk. The Sales Manager has no sales reporting but he has a brief idea of current sales.He also has no idea of the monthly cost, profit and top selling products. He wants a dashboard on this. The data was stored in an excel sheet.

SKILLS: Python (Numpy, Pandas), Tableau


Performed exploratory data analysis for the sales of Value INC. using Python. Once that was done I created a dashboard using tableau to show the markup percentage, profits by county, client type, client age and costs. It is also an interactive dashboard, so that the stakeholders can filter to what all they want to summarize.


The company is 15.01% below its average markup percentage of 60%. It would be a good marketing strategy to target "adults", "middle aged" and "solo bussinesses" in the months of January and February to boost revenue. Thus far, most of the company's revenue comes from "seniors" and "big bussiness" clients. The item "465780" and item "470883" are two of the highest revenue generating items.

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