Rental King


About the project

In the current rental market, there is a large information disparity between prospective renters and property owners. While property owners have the benefit of defining listing prices, observing trends, and drafting rental agreements, prospective renters are left in the dark about anything except for what they are told and what they can observe as they tour properties. This feeling of helplessness is shared between many first-time and veteran renters alike. Enter Rental King, a web and phone-based collaborative social network designed to even the playing field for property owners and renters by providing a platform to exchange information regarding properties, rental agreements, and previous tenant-property owner experiences. Prospective renters will be able to view information on available properties such as previous monthly rent cost, maintenance response time, property owner reviews, and much more. By using Rental King, renters will be able to determine whether a rental property fits their needs while simultaneously populating its databases with information that could prove helpful to future customers.

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